Tittle Press: TOP 10 Fashion Fashion Apps and Sites

Tittle Press: TOP 10 Fashion Fashion Apps and Sites

Top 10 fashion Apps and Websites, report by Danielle Johansen – CEO and founder threadicated online and delivered to your personal door styling service.

Owning a cell phone means you have access to the world of fashion in the palm of your hand. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite fashion apps and sites that are sure to make getting dressed a lot easier. From vintage clothing to personal styles, there is a website or app to suit every style and need.

Personal look book: Who doesn’t dream of a clean and organized wardrobe that saves time putting together new clothes? Personal Lookbook is an easy-to-use tool to help you manage what you have. You can simply upload your photos so you can mix and match them. This app is perfect for those who like or need to plan social/virtual calendars in advance.

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Credit: Loved To Know It


Shop for Instagram and influencers with LIKEtoKNOW.it. This smart app gives you insight into the products real people wear and style on social media. If you’ve ever seen a look you like on Instagram and wondered where to get it, LIKEtoKNOW.it might be the answer.

Credit: Threaded

Threadicated: Are you looking for an amazing outfit without having to think about it? Try Threadicated. They asked a team of stylists to customize a box of five pieces of clothing and accessories to suit your personal style. You simply tell them your price range, size and style and they will do the rest and have it delivered to your door. No subscription required, but you can schedule to receive parcels on the frequency you choose, so you don’t have to worry about what to wear again.

After Pay
Credit: After Paid

AFTER PAYING: We’ve all been there, seen it, needed it, wanted it! But your bank account says no. Afterpay, lets you pay for your fashion (or other) purchases in small installments over six weeks. No more FOMO, you can have what you want now.

Credit: WGSN

WGSN: Do you find yourself wondering what the look will be sashaying on the runways next season? Look no further than WGSN, they are a window into the creative world, a global authority on consumer and design trends. They have a team of expert product design and consumer forecasts that provide insight into what we will all be wearing tomorrow. WGSN is a must for anyone looking to plan for the future of fashion.

Credit: Hermes

Hermes Silk Knot

We may not all have the budget for a Hermes scarf, but thanks to the Herms Silk Knots app, you’ll be ready when you do. This app teaches you how to tie a scarf or tie in an elegant and creative way. The only thing you need to do is follow the step by step tutorial. The best part is that you can apply this creative technique to any brand, not just Hermes products, for a million dollar look without the price tag.

Credit: Etsy


This is great if you are looking for something unique. Etsy has a wide variety of handmade, second-hand, and antique items as well. With thousands of unique stores on Etsy, you’re sure to find something you love. The beauty of Etsy is that you can also set up your own shop and sell your own creations.

Credit: Net-a-porter


If your heart is pounding when it comes to designer and luxury brands look no further than, Net-a-Porter. Click on your favorite designer, buy pick lists like “What’s New” and “End of Season Price Drop” and read editorial content from their own blogs.

Credit: Estie


One-stop shop for moms and daughters who love scandi style. From clothing to specialty homewares, they have a beautifully curated product offering for the modern mom and baby.

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Credit: Latitude


Sick of stepping out in suede on a rainy day? Latitude brings together news, weather and clothing inspiration. In the morning you get weather-relevant style inspiration from the community. You can also share your daily look, discover new styles, interact with others in the app.


Danielle Johansen

Fashion advocate Danielle Johansen, founded Threadicated, an online personal styling service that uses the expertise of personal stylists, combined with technology to create truly personalized styling experiences.


Original Article: Tittle Press: TOP 10 Fashion Fashion Apps and Sites


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