The ultimate knitwear guide for men

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The ultimate knitwear guide for men

Knits are wardrobe essentials that will keep you warm and stylish for the remainder of winter and well into spring. With an abundance of styles to navigate, finding the ideal knit can be a challenge. From classic crewnecks to elegant v-necks, turtlenecks and zip-ups, we've got you covered. Look sharp and stay warm throughout the season and beyond with helpful tips from our stylists!  


Undoubtedly, crewneck knits are a staple in any wardrobe, and chances are you own a few yourself. Their versatility allows effortless pairing with any outfit, offering an extensive range of choices, from cotton to luxurious cashmere with an array of patterns. While offering a more relaxed look compared to its v-neck counterpart, the crewneck style enhances the silhouette with a boxier shape, making it an excellent choice for someone aiming to add some substance to their physique. 


Imagine a crewneck with an extra touch of refinement. The v-neck knit showcases its elegance through a neckline that gracefully descends to a point in the shape of a 'V.' It serves as an excellent layering choice, particularly when worn over a button-up shirt, making it a perfect ensemble for the workplace. Just like crewnecks, the v-neck knits offer a plethora of fabric options to suit your preferences. As an additional advantage, the v-shaped neckline provides a subtle slimming effect, enhancing your overall appearance. 


This particular style has successfully shed its outdated image and embraced a fresh, modern transformation. Few garments in your wardrobe possess such versatility—a perfect balance between casual and sophisticated, ideal for various occasions including formal events. Whether it's paired with a blazer for a date night or worn casually with jeans, turtlenecks are a classic and fashionable choice. As an additional bonus the high neckline provides added warmth eliminating the need for a scarf on those particularly chilly days.   


Not quite sold on the turtleneck yet? Consider its sibling, the mock-neck as an alternative. It offers a similar touch of sophistication while being a little more laid-back. The key distinction lies in the lower neckline height which feels and looks more relaxed. Additionally, you can explore half or full-zip variations and wear them as an alternative to a jacket.  

Full and half zip-ups 

Perhaps you appreciate the concept of a knit but would like some added breathability. These versatile knits can be effortlessly worn either as cardigans or pullovers, making them excellent additions for layering. By combining them with a collared shirt, you can effortlessly create a sophisticated outfit suitable for the office environment as well.  


Do you need to top up your knitwear collection? Complete your style quiz today and order a parcel curated by a personal stylist based on your preferences and budget. Enjoy the convenience of trying everything on from the comfort of your own home. We offer free shipping, exchanges, and returns, ensuring a hassle-free experience.  

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