4 Stylish Winter Outfits to Outsmart the Cold

men wearing long coat - puffer jacket - athleisure outfit - rugged look - turtleneck - chunky knit

4 Stylish Winter Outfits to Outsmart the Cold 

Don't let the cold weather dampen your style! Stay stylish and warm with versatile pieces that can tackle it all. Whether you're attending an event, braving the outdoors, or embracing the athleisure trend, we have outfit ideas that will keep you warm and on-trend. Let our stylists assist you in curating the perfect winter wardrobe with the convenience of free shipping and returns. 

Dress to impress

men workwear flatlay - tailored coat - long sleeve top

When heading out to events or braving work, layering strategically is the key to staying warm and stylish. Opt for a well-tailored coat or jacket and embrace longer lengths. Pair it with long-sleeved tops and turtlenecks for extra warmth. Black jeans add sophistication, and Chelsea boots complete the ensemble. Dress to impress and stay cosy wherever you go! 

Bring the heat

men casual wear - sleek bomber jacket - olive knitwear

When the wind is relentless, it's time to level up your wardrobe essentials. Combine a chunky sweater in a vibrant colour with a sleek bomber jacket. Add a pair of pants in a complementary shade and complete the look with lace-up boots, adding some edginess and protection against the cold. Embrace the chill with confidence, while showcasing your impeccable sense of style.  

Embrace the rugged style 

men rugged outfit - fleece zip-up layered over a long sleeve top or a tee.

Channel a rugged and outdoorsy aesthetic inspired by military gear designed for extreme climates. Start with a cosy fleece zip-up and layered over a long-sleeve top or a tee. Transition seamlessly indoors by shedding outer layers and let a thermal Henley top shine on its own. Pair with dark jeans and leather boots for style and durability.  

Athleisure it up 

men athleisure - bomber jacket - denim jacket - boots

Blend sporty and tailored styles for the ultimate athleisure look. Experiment with layering your favourite wardrobe staples, playing with colours and weights. Pair your favourite sweats with a coat or denim jacket and finish off the look with sneakers or a pair of boots to achieve an elevated athleisure aesthetic.  


Ready to turn up the heat and conquer winter's chill with your impeccable style? Our stylists are here to assist you in transforming your winter wardrobe. Simply take your style quiz and order a parcel today. Try on the stylist’s curated pieces in the comfort of your own home, keep what you love and return the rest. We've got you covered with free shipping and returns. Don't let the winter blues dim your style! 

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