Taste and Trends: Discovering the Ultimate Stout and Style Pairing

Taste and Trends: Discovering the Ultimate Stout and Style Pairing

Taste and Trends: Discovering the Ultimate Stout and Style Pairing

With so much great style out there, navigating the fashion world can get a little confusing. What if we told you that your beer preference can help determine your style? Now that’s a pairing we can get behind! And what if we told you that a Threadicated personal stylist can help you to easily elevate your wardrobe while you get a free 4-pack of Akasha Craft Beer for Dad! (Father’s Day is coming up, remember?) Or keep the brews for yourself… We won’t judge! All you need to do is order a Threadicated parcel during the month of August and you will automatically receive the $25 Akasha Craft Beer gift card in your parcel, it’s that easy!  

Now let’s have some fun and determine your Akasha Craft Beer Style Persona!  

Pacific Ale - Super Chill Surfer Dude 

Name: Sunny "Wave Rider" Johnson 

Location: By the beach 

Personality: Laid-back, adventurous, and always up for a good time. Sunny embodies the carefree spirit of beach life and loves catching waves and soaking up the sun with a bunch of mates.  

Fashion Style: Casual beachwear all the way! Sunny's wardrobe is filled with board shorts, linen shirts, bucket hats and slides. His go-to outfit is an oversized tee and a pair of comfortable shorts. 

Favourite food: Fish and chippies, always with a potato cake too, of course! 

Favourite beer: Akasha Super Chill Pacific Ale 

Akasha brewing company super chill beer - Threadicated - men's outfit


Pale Ale - Freshwater Pale Ale Lover 

Name: Emily "Nature Enthusiast" Green 

Location: Country living 

Personality: Nature-loving, eco-conscious, and deeply connected to the environment. She is sweet and caring but will tell you off in a heartbeat if you are putting your rubbish in the wrong bin! Emily spends her free time hiking, camping, and exploring the great outdoors. 

Fashion Style: Emily's wardrobe reflects her love for nature with earthy tones, sustainable fabrics, and practical pieces. She loves her trusty hiking boots and Birkenstocks, cargo pants, flannel shirts, and cosy knits. She prefers understated sterling silver jewellery and 100% owned a mood ring when she was little!  

Favourite food: A roast followed by s’mores for dessert!  

Favourite beer: Akasha Freshwater Pale Ale 

Akasha brewing company Freshwater Pale Ale  - Threadicated - women's nature enthusiast outfit


Hopsmith IPA 

Name: Ethan "Hipster Hopsmith" Williams 

Location: Inner West Lifestyle 

Personality: Trendy, edgy, and always on top of the latest cultural trends. Ethan is a craft beer enthusiast and enjoys seeking out new and unique IPAs. He has a good sense of humour and a small but close-knitted circle of friends. Will not be caught dead at a Starbucks.  

Fashion Style: Ethan's style is a blend of vintage and modern fashion. You can find him rocking skinny jeans that are cuffed to showcase a pair of novelty socks, oversized vintage tees and a beanie. His collection of retro sneakers is envy-inducing. He loves layering, especially if it is a flannel or denim shirt worn unbuttoned over a t-shirt.  

Favourite food: Tacos and anything from a food truck, but tacos especially!  

Favourite beer: Akasha Hopsmith IPA 

Akasha brewing company Hopsmith IPA - Threadicated - Men's hipster outfit


Canada Bay XPA Explorer 

Name: Oliver "Mr Metropolitan" Adams 

Location: CBD home 

Ambitious, cosmopolitan, and always on the go. Oliver thrives on the fast-paced energy of urban living and is equally passionate about exploring new destinations. 

Fashion Style: Oliver's closet is a blend of modern trends and classic essentials. He effortlessly rocks sharp suits, printed shirts, well-fitted jeans, leather jackets and chunky boots. He is a man not afraid to accessorise! His accessories are impeccably chosen, ranging from artisanal leather bracelets to premium man bags.  

Favourite food: Wagyu steak   

Favourite beer: Akasha Canada Bay XPA 

Akasha brewing company Canada bay XPA - Threadicated - Men's classic outfit


Now that you’ve determined your style persona, you are ready to complete your Threadicated style quiz and order a parcel curated by a personal stylist based on your preferences and budget. Enjoy the convenience of trying everything on from the comfort of your own home. Shipping, exchanges, and returns are all free ensuring a hassle-free experience and for a limited time you get a 4-pack of Akasha Craft Beer for you or Dad! What a win!  

Click here for full T&C. 

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