Six easy tips to spring-clean your wardrobe

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Six easy tips to spring-clean your wardrobe

Spring is in finally in the air and it’s the perfect time to spring-clean and rejuvenate your wardrobe. Our seasoned stylists reveal six easy tips to declutter and refresh your wardrobe.  

Hangers and garment bags  

Start your spring-cleaning with how you organise and hang garments in your wardrobe. Use a velvet type of hanger so your pieces don’t slip and fall down. They are also nice and thin, creating some much needed space for your clothing (and maybe a few more cheeky purchases now that you have more room to hang them!) If you have metal hangers from the drycleaners, you need to throw them away as they can damage your garment. Another mistake some people make is keeping your freshly dry-cleaned pieces in the plastic bag long term. The plastic bag can trap in moisture and cause staining, discolouration and weakening of the fibres. Once you safely transport your dry-cleaned items home and prefer to hang them in a garment bag, opt for a cotton garment bag instead.  


Organise your hanging pieces by type, rather than colour. So all the shirts are hanging together, trousers are together etc. Then you can also organise by colour within your clothing categories. That way it will be easier to make decisions and create outfits once you can see all your pants hanging together, then you move on to find a top from a different section and so on!  

Storing your knitwear  

Avoid hanging your knitwear on hangers as this can lead to stretching and loss of shape. Store your garments neatly folded on a shelf or in a drawer for optimal preservation. If you would like more tips on how to take care of your knits to extend their lifespan click here.

Take stock of what you’ve got  

Go through all the pieces that you’ve got and make sure all your hanging pieces have their own hanger. If you’ve got multiple shirts hanging on one hanger you will likely forget about all of them except for the top one that you can actually see. Play around with different outfit combinations and take photos of the ones that you like so you can refer to your outfit library later when you are stuck on ideas of what to wear. Taking stock of what you already own can also help you avoid unnecessary online and in-store purchases and will help you focus on the gaps in your wardrobe instead. Your personal stylist can help you fulfil the gaps and achieve your best style.  


This one can be very hard for a lot of people as sometimes we are hanging on to particular items because of the memories we associate with them, someone might have gifted them to you, something was expensive or we are still hoping that we will loose some weight and fit into a pair of jeans we wore 10 years ago! However, if the item is no longer serving your lifestyle, body shape and/or size and you haven’t worn it for a long time, it is best to let it go. Donate or sell the pieces that are still in great condition so someone else can enjoy them. Once you remove all the items you no longer wear, getting ready in the morning will be much easier and less overwhelming since you will only have pieces that fit you and suit your current lifestyle.  


You can move some of your heavy winter coats to a further part of your wardrobe or maybe even a different room. Move your trans-seasonal and spring-summer pieces to the prime spot in your wardrobe now that the weather is starting to warm up. If you are living somewhere like Victoria or Tasmania, you might want to wait a few more months before you do this…  


Once you spring clean your wardrobe, you might notice some gaps for the spring – summer season. Take your style quiz, order a parcel and let our stylists work their magic and find you all the right pieces which you can then try right in the comfort of your own home. Shipping and returns are always free! It's that simple.  

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