Style like royalty: Embrace the magic of jewel tones

Style like royalty: Embrace the magic of jewel tones

Style like royalty: Embrace the magic of jewel tones

Elevate your spring wardrobe and infuse it with a burst of vibrant jewel tones as the temperature starts to rise. Whether you opt for a colour-blocking approach, go for a tonal outfit or combine them with neutral hues, these colours will enhance your everyday ensemble. Discover the bold and captivating colours that we adore this season. 

What are jewel tone colours? 

Jewel tone colours are richly saturated shades inspired by precious gemstones such as sapphire blue, ruby red, amethyst purple and emerald green. This captivating palette offers a striking contrast of vibrant hues that can be paired harmoniously with neutrals or boldly colour-blocked.  

Sapphire blue

Jewel tone - Sapphire Blue - Sweater flatlay, jeans, floral blouse, black heels

The colour blue is renowned for its tranquil and loyal qualities, making it an excellent option for colour blocking alongside complementary shades such as emerald or citrine. Embrace the mastery of maintaining a cool and composed appearance by incorporating textured elements like vegan leather or velvet, which lend perfectly to a colour like sapphire blue. 

Ruby red

Jewel tone - Ruby Red - Dress Sweater flat lay, black boots, black bag

Ruby red is often linked to power, prestige, and passion. Whenever you seek an injection of confidence, embrace the allure of red. It will empower you to conquer whatever the day may bring. To amplify the impact, opt for darker pairings, such as mid to dark-wash jeans accompanied by a pair of black heels and a handbag.  

Amethyst purple

Jewel tone - Amethyst Purple - Purple blouse flat lay, flowy skirt, black bag, heels

Purple has long been connected to royalty, courage, and exceptionalism throughout history. It comes as no surprise that it was chosen as the official colour for International Women's Day. Add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe by incorporating richly saturated amethyst pieces such as a silky satin blouse or a slip dress and finish the outfit by adding a pair of statement earrings for an extra wow factor.  


Emerald green

Jewel tone - Emerald Green - Green blouse flat lay, trouser, black bag, heels

Emerald green is one of nature's most abundant colours; it is associated with creative and productive energy. Emerald serves as a reliable go-to colour and pairs well with cream, beige, or brown colours and provides a soothing and calming effect on the senses. For maximum comfort and breathability, opt for fabrications like linen, cotton and silk for your spring-summer emerald pieces.  


Embrace the magic of colour this spring! Take the style quiz today and let your stylist curate your parcel while you sit back, relax and feel like royalty. Keep what you love and return the rest with complimentary shipping and returns.  

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