Stylist Q&A: How do I choose the right footwear for different styles of jeans?

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Stylist Q&A: How do I choose the right footwear for different styles of jeans? 

A lot of our clients struggle with knowing what footwear to choose for a particular style of jeans. Wide leg jeans might have been calling their name for many seasons, but taking the leap can be daunting, especially when you are not sure how to style them. Our expert stylists are here to provide you with a guide on choosing the right footwear for different types of jeans.  

Wide leg jeans 

The key to styling wide leg jeans is not to have anything too bulky on your feet as there is a lot happening at the bottom of the jean already. The best styles to pair with wide leg jeans are the ones that elongate your legs even further, so pointed or almond toe footwear will be your best friend. Consider styles like pointed toe boots, slim style sneakers like Sambas, pointed pumps, low profile loafers, ballet flats or platform sandals – these will look especially great when your jeans are very long - your legs will look phenomenal in them! 

Slim/straight/mom jeans 

For slimmer fit jeans, go for something fitted, like a stretchy suede or knit style boot as it will sit flash again the calf letting the jeans slide on top of the boots nicely. Other styles that will look fantastic are a chunky or classic loafer, a crisp-white sneaker, converse sneakers, ballet flats and slides. For some straight and mom style jeans a Chelsea boot will work a treat as well!  

Bootcut/flare leg jeans 

Pointed toe pumps and boots will look great, as well as slide on sandals so you can show a little bit more skin. Platform heel sandals or platform sneakers will pair nicely with your bootcut and flare jeans as well, similar to the wide leg pants.  

Skinny jeans 

If skinny jeans are your jeans of choice, you have plenty of shoe options as well! Go for a tall flat or heeled boot as you will be able to squeeze your leg in there, a pointed toe stiletto is always a classic, ballet flats and a chunky sneaker or low profile sneakers will both work.  


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