How To Tuck Your Shirt For The Perfect Fit And Look

How To Tuck Your Shirt For The Perfect Fit And Look

I know what you are thinking, of course, you know how to tuck a shirt! And I’m sure you do, these tucks will just help you lift your tucking game a little with three of our favourite tucking styles.


This is my go-to tuck, it adds personality to even the most basic outfit. A personal favourite of mine for the weekend with jeans and your best tee, but this look is also great with a skirt at the office or really any top and bottom combo. It adds an element to your outfit that says this girl knows what she is doing. I like to do my tuck to the left, but you can do yours to the right if that tickles your fancy. Pop on your top, slip into your bottoms, grab a small section of your shirt and tuck it into the waistline of your bottoms. What it does is draws your eye to the waist and elongates your body, with the fabric of your shirt cascading at an angle rather than straight across.

With so many gorgeous high-waisted skirts, dress pants and classic blouse this is one tuck you need to master. Put your shirt on first, then get into your skirt. Lift your skirt up so it sits around your waist like a belt, pull the shirt down as far and smoothly as possible, with pants you’ll have to leave them unbuttoned and pull them down as far as you can before doing them up. Button up the pants or pull down the skirt, then lift up your arms so the shirt billows slightly. Adjust the shirt slightly by pulling at some pieces that may still be tucked in a little too much.


This retro tuck is having a come-back, it involves tucking in the front of your top and untucking the back (yes like that not-so-fabulous hairstyle of the ’80s) It leaves you looking laidback and disinterested, when in fact you have probably been in front of the mirror for the better part of an hour trying on many different combinations finding the right one for you.


Whatever tuck you decide, wear it with confidence, and remember it is an easy (and free) way to show the world a little more of your amazing personality and style. If you’re still a little unsure of what to tuck where just get in touch with your Threadicated stylist, they’d love to guide you.


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