How To Look More Stylish With Minimum Effort

How To Look More Stylish With Minimum Effort

First of all, there is nothing more charming than a man in a suit or even a blazer with jeans. But let’s be honest it that look has been done before, time and time again. It is the go-to look for a classic and sophisticated style. The question is how do you set yourself apart from the many? Well, here at Threadicated we have a few ideas to help you maximize your style with minimum effort.

Ok, so your easing into this. A tie is a perfect way to bring some personality to your look. There is a multitude of varieties, different prints, colours, fabrications and textures. A tie is a great place to start to enhance your look and show the world who you are.


Now we’re talking! This is the perfect way to lift your look. You can still keep your look relaxed with your top button or two undone, with not much fuss this addition really shows you are on-trend, laid back and sophisticated all in one.


You’re ready to bring a little more to the table now. Where it was once reserved for old men smoking cigars and sipping cognac it has definitely been revived in the last few years. Whether it is a clip-on or hand-tied this is certainly going to show your personality. Be sure to keep the rest of your outfit fresh to avoid looking like your sweet Grandpa.

An oldy but a goody, that has had a resurge to male fashion and is fast becoming a symbol of the fashion elite. This is a lovely understated way to show you are adding personal flavour to your outfit. These pins are popping up in a variety of colours and shapes so there is sure to be one you like.

When choosing your favourite accessories to lift your outfit, above all we would recommend one or two pieces, save the others for another time. If you are wearing more than the one-piece try to capture And if you are still unsure what to wear with what just have a quick chat with your stylist they will lead you in the right direction.


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