Work wear goals, how to do men's business casual

Work wear goals, how to do men's business casual

Do you have those days where you’re getting ready for work and it feels like déjà vu? If so, it might be an indication that it’s time to refresh your work wardrobe.

Not sure what pieces to add to your rotation to create a modern and professional wardrobe? We’ve got you covered. We’re taking on your style workload to make your workday a breeze. Focus on your career, we'll help with the outfit!


What is business casual?

Business formal is reserved for neutral colours like grey, black, navy and white. A workplace with a business casual dress code presents the perfect opportunity to explore new colours and prints. Go wild and add a dash of colour to your workwear to start your day bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. For the finishing touch, spark joy in conversational prints, geometric lines or plaid checks. Pair them with neutral bottoms, and you’ll be dressed to impress for your workday.

man business casual blazer suit chino

The essentials of business casual

Take a look in your wardrobe to make sure you have everything you need. Up top, button-up shirts are classics that take you from work to the weekend. Next, pairing your shirts with distinguished chino pants is a no-brainer. For offices with more relaxed dress codes, jeans are another pant option to store in your wardrobe. Lastly, if you have a big meeting on the calendar, having a blazer or two on hand will instantly elevate your outfit. What’s the best part about these career staples? They are incredibly easy to mix and match. Let’s take a deeper dive into these must-have pieces and what to look for. 


Business casual shirts

Want to make heading to the office even easier? Green, blue, red, yellow and purple are known to instantly give you a dose of happy energy. Or opt for a timeless white button-down paired with dress slacks and chukka boots is a timeless outfit option. In your downtime, roll up your sleeves to add a more relaxed feel to your look.

man business casual shirts button ups


Business casual pants and shorts

Chinos with stretch are the happy place between dress pants and jeans. If you prefer a classic pleated pair, it’s a green light. However, you can also seek out a five-pocket style that is similar to your go-to pair of worn-in jeans.

man business casual shorts


Business casual shoes

Comfortable and on-trend styles are what you want to look for in a new pair of kicks. Stylistically, sport sole chukkas or oxfords are fantastic combinations of casual and classy for the office. Go from desk to date by wearing these shoes with chinos and a button-down or a crisp tee and black jeans.

man business casual shoes


Bring Your Look Together with Belts

Looking for something functional and fashionable for a put-together men’s business casual outfit? Look no further than adding a belt to your work casual uniform. Not only do they help keep your pants and shorts on, they also add a sleek detail. Pick a belt with intricate stitching or interesting details. For a well put-together look, your belt should coordinate with your shoes. They don’t need to match, just complement one another. This means that if you are donning grey shoes with a brown sole, you can choose either a brown or grey belt. Want to get the most out of your belt? Pick one that is reversible for the versatility of two different looks. 

man business belt


What to Wear on Casual Fridays

Our favourite day of the workweek! Not sure what to wear on casual Fridays? Well, take things a notch down from men’s business casual wear. Jeans, chino shorts, tees and sneakers are all perfectly acceptable for casual Friday attire. Just make sure your clothes are well kept with no distressing, holes or stains, and the sky’s the limit. Embrace these comfortable and casual pieces as you dress for the last day of the workweek. 

man business casual shoes


Looking to revamp your men’s business casual attire? Our expert stylists have your closet covered. Get started today, order a styled parcel today and don’t forget to ask your stylist for fresh business casual clothes. Relax and receive five items to try on at home. Shipping and returns are always free.








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