The Carousel: Meet The Founder Of Threadicated: Your Ultimate Online Stylist

The Carousel: Meet The Founder Of Threadicated: Your Ultimate Online Stylist

When Danielle Johansen was in a clothing store one day, she spotted a sign advertising their styling service. But, when she enquired about purchasing the service as a gift for her mother and realised it was only available in-store, she thought about ways of creating an online styling experience.


“As my mum lived hours away from the store, it got me thinking personal styling should be available to everyone no matter where they live, or where they shop. And when I saw no one in Australia was offering an online delivered to your door styling service, I decided to do it myself,” Danielle said.

Threadicated is an online, devoted stylist, promising to bring together some of the best brands, to create a unique wardrobe, customised to everyone’s individual lifestyle, taste, and budget.

“We solve the problem of finding clothes you love. We like to think of ourselves as the ultimate matchmaker, using the expertise of our personal stylist, combined with technology to send customers a five-piece parcel of clothing and accessories that fit well and we think they’ll love,” Danielle said.

“They keep the items they love and return the rest. Customers love having an expert stylist do the shopping for them and enjoy the convenience and simplicity of our service.”

How Threadicated works:

First, you create your own “style profile” which involves answering multiple questions about your body shape, the colours you like, how you like your clothing to fit, what kind of clothes you need right now and so on.

Then, you can choose how often you’d like the team of stylists to send you a selection of outfits – you can either pay for the ones you choose to keep or send back the items you’re not keen on. Simple!

Prior to working on Threadicated, Danielle studied fashion at Whitehouse Institute of design. Since then, she’s worked in a wide range of  roles in the fashion Industry; from design, buying, product development, and everything in between.

“Over the years I worked at a few start-ups and really got a taste for that kind of life. So I decided to be part of the future of Australian fashion retail and create a start-up myself,” Danielle said.

“So far, my biggest success would be our customers. It’s a great feeling when someone contacts us after we’ve sent them a parcel saying they didn’t think they could look this good again, after having a baby,” Danielle said.

“Or that they weren’t sure if they should go for the promotion at work until they tried on the blazer we sent them. It shows us with each piece we send we are making a positive difference in people’s lives, and I see that as our biggest success.”

Threadicated has gone through major growth since the Covid-19 pandemic. Danielle said most people, being unable to drop into their favourite stores, wanted to look good for Zoom meetings.

Danielle also has some great advice for other startups:

“Starting a business sounds like a monumental task, and trust me it is. But one of the best pieces of advice I ever received is to break each monumental task down into lots of smaller tasks, and you just chip away at the smaller task until you get there; and trust me you will get there.”


By LJ Charleston


LJ Charleston is a journalist & author of four books including Fatal Females & The Mommy Mafia: the urban dictionary of mothers. She’s also a poet & an award-winning short story writer who has worked extensively in TV, radio & newspapers. LJ has been a Beijing news correspondent, a model, a Bloomberg TV presenter & a news reporter working for every network in Australia. In Hong Kong as a reporter, she specialised in natural disasters...but nothing prepared her for the onslaught of twins. She’s passionate about parenting, fascinated by crime and would love to help people realise their dream of writing a book via her ‘I want to write a book’ program on her website. She has three boys; she will love them until the Statue of Liberty sits down.


Original Article: The Carousel: Meet The Founder Of Threadicated: Your Ultimate Online Stylist


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