How to give old pieces a new look and feel

How to give old pieces a new look and feel

Threadicated’s founder and head stylist, Danielle, joined Sarah and Angela at Studio 10 to share tips a few simple styling tips on how to give each piece in your wardrobe a fresh new look and feel.


Look at each piece with fresh eyes

A dress doesn’t always have to mean a dress. This button-up dress has been restyled as a duster to create a whole new look. Wearing a button-up shirt, wrap dress, or button-up dress open over another item is also a great little trick to create a slimmer silhouette. You can also tucking your collar inside your shirt or jacket to create a more streamlined look. And giving your handbag a new lease on life with a colourful scarf wrapped around the strap or tied to the side.

 styling before and after

Add a belt in a unique way

Adding a belt over a cardigan or blazer is a great way to add new interest to a loved piece. Choose a belt that compliments your torso, thick waist belts are great for women with longer torsos because they help shorten their upper bodies and make them look more proportional. Short-waisted women, look better in thin belts because they don't cover up their midsections.



Always cuff and roll

Rolling up the sleeves of a basic tee or a button up shirt is an easy way to inject a bit more personality. And cuffing your jeans gives you an effortlessly styled look, you can do a single cuff for a slimmer jean, but if the jean has a wider leg you could go two for a relaxed double cuff.



Add a tuck for flair

Something as simple as a tuck can really elevate your look. Simply grab a little fabric from the hem of the tee and tuck it into the waist band, it adds interest and draws the eye away from the hip and up to waist. This is an especially great tuck to create the illusion of longer legs.



Watch the full episode here: Threadicated at Studio10

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