Stylist Q&A: What shoes do I wear in summer?

Canvas sneakers, Espadrilles, Boat Shoes, Loafers, Sandals

Stylist Q&A: What shoes do I wear in summer?

As the temperature rises and the days become longer, it's time to give your footwear collection a summer makeover. While thongs might be the go-to choice for many, there are plenty alternatives that offer both comfort and style.  

Canvas sneakers 

When it comes to versatile and comfortable footwear, canvas sneakers are a top choice. They're lightweight, breathable, and effortlessly stylish. Opt for classic white or navy colours or experiment with vibrant hues to add a pop of colour to your summer wardrobe. Pair them with shorts, chinos, or even casual summer suits for a laid-back, yet polished look. 


Embrace a touch of Mediterranean flair with espadrilles. These lightweight, slip-on shoes are perfect for warm summer days. Whether you go for the traditional rope sole or a modern twist with rubber soles, espadrilles pair well with shorts and linen pants. They effortlessly bridge the gap between casual and refined. 

Boat shoes 

Sail into summer style with classic boat shoes. Not only are these shoes comfortable but they also have a nautical charm. Pair them with shorts or chinos for a relaxed weekend look. Don't forget to wear no-show socks or go without socks for that perfect summer vibe. 


Loafers are a sophisticated choice for summer occasions that demand a touch of elegance. Go for breathable materials like suede or leather without sacrificing style. Loafers can be paired with tailored shorts, chinos, or lightweight suits, making them a versatile addition to your summer shoe-drobe. 


Sandals are the ultimate choice for comfort and breathability. Go for a leather or suede option for a more polished look. The beauty of sandals lies in their versatility—pair them with shorts, swimwear or even lightweight summer trousers. Just be mindful of where you wear them; while they're perfect for the beach or a casual day out, save them for more relaxed settings rather than formal occasions. Whether you're strolling along the boardwalk or heading to a summer BBQ, a well-chosen pair of sandals can effortlessly elevate your summer style.  


With so many summer footwear options it can get a little overwhelming. Complete your style quiz and one of our stylists will curate a perfect summer shoe collection for you with personalised recommendations and outfit options. Your parcel will be delivered right to your doorstep. Keep what you love and return the rest with complimentary shipping and returns.  

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