Stylist Q&A: How do I style a denim trench coat?

woman wearing denim jacket - woman wearing denim trench coat

Stylist Q&A: How do I style a denim trench coat? 

If you are someone who loves trench coats and denim, boy do we have great news for you – the denim trench coats are one of the latest trends! In even better news, they are actually super easy to style; don’t overthink it and treat it as a regular trench coat or a denim jacket. Let us provide you with some examples for your style inspiration. 

Double denim  

When in doubt, double denim it. If that’s not a common expression, it totally should be! To make it less daunting, try combining two very similar shades, one piece being your trench and then a bottom – a mini skirt or a wide leg jean. Add a basic top, knit or a skivvy, a cute pair of boots and you are good to go. 

Comfy casual 

Pop on a basic tee, knitted pants and your favourite sneakers and you are ready to concur your weekend to-do list, or at the very least that delicious looking ricotta and blueberry hotcake at your favourite brunch spot. All you have to do is add an outer layer to complete your look. A denim jacket or shacket would do the trick just fine, but if you go for a denim trench you will definitely add extra chic points to your already fabulous outfit.  

Little black dress 

Guess what goes perfectly with your little black dress? Since you are reading an article about denim trench coats you probably guessed it – A DENIM TRENCH COAT! It’s a great layering piece to get you from A to B and it adds an edge to your classic outfit. Finish it off with a strappy sandal and an evening bag or clutch and you might have yourself a new favourite outfit and don’t forget to take a photo in it. Trust us!  

Pop of neutral 

If you have a bright outfit, like a fabulous red dress teamed up with a red clutch, you might feel that it is too loud for an everyday outfit. You can easily tone down the entire look by adding a denim trench coat which will act as a neutral colour in this instance and provide you with a little bit of warmth which is much needed these days, now that we are well and truly in autumn.  

Street style dreams  

When we said you can add a denim trench coat to almost anything, we weren’t kidding! When you are already rocking a fashion forward, Paris street style worthy outfit, just imagine how much cooler it is going to be if you throw a denim jacket over the top!  Think wide leg pants, strappy sandals, a dumpling bag, an understated top and… of course a denim trench coat. It’s a hell yes from us!  

Tonal with a touch of denim  

We love a tonal outfit – it’s easy to wear, having the same or similar colour at the top and bottom has an elongating effect, especially when you add a pointed toe shoe in the same colour to the mix. What’s not to love? But it can get a little boring, so to spice things up try adding a denim trench to your tonal outfit, you will not regret it! For some extra fun add in different textures like leather and wool and you have a perfect AND easy to wear outfit recipe on your hands.  


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