Five wardrobe tools our stylists swear by

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Five wardrobe tools our stylists swear by

Everyone loves to talk about staple clothing pieces and new trends, but let’s not underestimate the importance of having the right products to look after your clothing to ensure it serves you well. Our stylists share five inexpensive tools that help them look on point and keep their closets organised.  

1. Velvet hangers

Optimise your closet space as velvet hangers are nice and thin. They are also non-slip, which prevents your clothing from falling down and creating unwanted creasing and mess on the floor. You can also get multi-level velvet hangers that are perfect for hanging several pairs of pants or jeans, which will save you even more precious space in your closet!  

2. Electric fabric shaver

Easily remove lint and fuzz and watch your knits look almost brand new again! Pilling is very common to occur on knitwear especially, even when your pieces are high quality and well made but no need to fret when you own an electric fabric shaver. It’s a sustainable approach that is also budget-friendly as there won’t be a need to buy new knits every year.   

3. Lint roller

A lint roller is perfect for quick touch-ups, ensuring a polished look without fuss. It’s especially great if you have pets at home – nothing will drag down your look more than seeing lots of contrasting pet hairs on an otherwise perfect outfit.  

4. Small scissors

Keep a pair of small scissors right in your closet for when you notice stray threads and tiny imperfections while getting dressed. By having the scissors right there, you are more likely to fix something right away therefore improving the appearance of your pieces and looking put-together.  

5. Silk or satin scarf (for make-up wearers) 

Have a silk or satin scarf in your wardrobe and no, it’s not for accessorising your outfit this time. Pop it over your head when getting changed to prevent make up getting on your clothing. It’s so easy and efficient and will save you lots of heartache – think if how many white tops and tees you could be saving from the dreaded foundation marks!  


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