Versatile Work Capsule Wardrobes for Multitaskers

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Smart-casual office attire? Sure thing. Drinks-after-work cool? Definitely. These work capsule wardrobe tips

can be worn from the workday into the weekend.



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Office multitaskers, we see you: commanding the attention of a conference room one minute, then dashing off to meet a client for lunch the next.

So, what do you wear to work when (mostly) anything goes? By creating a smart-casual work capsule in line with your style, of course.


The Smart-Casual Work Capsule




The foundation:

Classic black trousers and dress shoes belong in every work wardrobe—but statement pieces, like this red blazer, are what make you shine.

Where to wear it:

Speaking events, a client meeting, or honestly any day you don’t mind grabbing a little bit of the spotlight.

Stylists’ suggestions:

“It’s better to have a few pieces that make you feel great than a wardrobe full of uninspired items.”






The twist:

Dark denim might be your gut instinct, but why not try white? It’s just as versatile. And with trendy matching loafers, you’re sure to be comfortable.

Why we love it:

“Sometimes it’s hard to be an individual with an office full of fashionable women, so try to put your own twist on things.”

Dressing it down:

If you have post-work plans on your agenda, leave the blazer at your desk and add your favourite lipstick.





Why it works:

A jumpsuit is one of the easiest to wear pieces to have in your wardrobe. No matter what’s on your to-do list, a jumpsuit will stay in place and out of your way so you can focus on your day.

Fit your frame:

Look for jumpsuits and dresses that hug your natural waist with elastic or faux-wrap draping.

Make it your own:

A detail as simple as popping a collar or cuffing your sleeves gives your outfit a unique spin.





See more outfit inspiration using the pieces from this capsule wardrobe:



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