The Decade’s Best Female Fashion Icons of TV

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The Decade’s Best Female Fashion Icons of TV




Find your new favourite must-haves with a Threadicated personal stylist.


Serena van der Woodsen, “Gossip Girl”

Aesthetic: Free-spirited

Not-so-arguably the most fashionable person on TV in the early 2010s, Serena was constantly crossing town from the Upper East Side to Brooklyn, so it only makes sense that her wardrobe

was as multifaceted as a Tiffany diamond. The series’ costume designer, Eric Daman, was inspired by supermodel Kate Moss for the character’s covetable fashion, from her flirtier looks to full-on designer glam.

Channel her style with: Boho dresses, tailored jackets, glitzy embellishments, designer handbags, high heels


Rainbow Johnson, “black-ish”

Aesthetic: Print master

Tracee Ellis Ross is one of the world’s most fashionable women, and the character she plays on TV isn’t far behind. We love anyone who isn’t afraid to take on head-to-toe prints. It’s a move that Bow makes often,

flawlessly rocking modern motifs from some of our favorite designers, including Ulla Johnson and A.L.C. And she never forgets to finish her look with big earrings and a bold lip.

Channel her style with: Flowy maxis, jumpsuits, detailed necklines, statement earrings


Shoshanna Shapiro, “Girls”

Aesthetic: Experimental

This is where things get a little meta: Shoshanna always idolized the foursome from that other HBO hit, “Sex and the City”. But over the course of six seasons, Shosh became an icon in her own right,

dabbling in so many styles even she would probably get tongue-tied trying to list them all. But the unifying philosophy of this millennial’s fashion evolution was being confident and unapologetic in her choices.

Channel her style with: Preppy basics, fit-and-flare dresses, kitschy accessories, or, if we’re talking that season she lived in Japan, then straight-up Tokyo street style.


Molly Carter, “Insecure”

Aesthetic: Everyday runway

Molly is an overachiever in every sense, from her corporate law career to her endless rotation of designer ensembles. She transitions seamlessly from polished BOSS suits by day

to adidas Originals tracksuits by night—and she never shies away from some seriously trend-forward pieces, whether that’s a feather-trimmed tee or a floor-length peplum top.

Channel her style with: Modern suits, statement tops, straight-leg denim, heels


Villanelle, “Killing Eve”

Aesthetic: Fatally fashionable

From a purely sartorial standpoint, Villanelle’s life is downright enviable. Who wouldn’t want to stomp around Europe in some of the most memorable outfits ever seen on TV?

Her looks are seriously fashionable but always with a sense of humor—you never know what to expect next, which is half the fun. Whether it’s a mountain of bubble-gum pink tulle or a perfectly polished jacquard suit, every look is to die for.

Channel her style with: Whimsical dresses, tailored suits and jackets, statement coats, combat boots






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