As the warms up, we've collated a few looks you'll need for stepping out in style over at your next big event or night out. Your Threadicated stylist can tailor each look to your unique style, shape and budget.

Weekend Looks | Workwear Looks

Checkered Charm

MOC230901 Make your mark with a suave grey checkered blazer that effortlessly drapes over a white long-sleeve dress shirt, paired with cream-tailored pants adorned by a stylish belt. Complete the look with sophisticated brown loafers, exuding spring sophistication whether you are heading to the races or a spring wedding!

Elegant Neutrality

MOC230902 Embrace timeless elegance with a cream blazer that pairs impeccably over a white long-sleeve shirt adorned with a grey tie, harmonising with grey tailored pants. Complete the ensemble with refined cream oxford shoes, epitomising spring sophistication.

Sleek Monochrome

MOC230903 Embrace sophistication in spring with a black fitted open-neck buttoned polo that exudes modern elegance, paired with black pants and boots for a seamless monochromatic look.

Azure Spring

MOC230904 Embrace timeless preppy style this spring with a blue long-sleeve fitted open-neck buttoned shirt that tucks into white pants for a tailored finish, creating a striking contrast that radiates sophistication in shades of spring blue and white.

Sleek Spring Casual

MOC230905 A tonal spring style. This outfit features a tan lightweight jacket that layers effortlessly over a white shirt, paired with light neutral pants for a sophisticated look. Complete with comfortable sneakers, exudes timeless charm this spring.

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