How to wear your navy blazer four ways

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A navy blazer is the go-to item in your wardrobe for when you want to look sharp and pulled together, but that doesn’t mean it can only be worn with a collared shirt and tie. It is an absolute wardrobe staple, so here are four stylish suggestions for this iconic sports jacket.


For a look fit for the office, wear your blazer over a chambray shirt and chinos. Teaming these together is the perfect look. Light blue shirt adds contrast to the look of the navy blazer. While the earth tone of the lighter pants will add warmth.


This is a great daytime or summer evening look. Start with your favourite polo shirt, and add a pair of light coloured chinos tan, beige or white for a casual and comfortable look. To bring your look up to the next level add the blazer and you are all set to go.


To master this look, don’t reach for any sports branded logo, go for something fitted, darker and even “fashionable” to add under your go-to blazer. To fasten this look pair it with your favourite dark denim jeans, and you’ll have a layered look that is ideal for the in-between seasons.


This look of a white shirt and a navy blazer goes together like steak and red wine, it was just meant to be. This combination is complete with a pair of black jeans. It is the perfect year-round look that is casual and sophisticated.



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