How to find the perfect pair of jeans for your body type

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When you hear this you probably quake a little. Finding the perfect pair of jeans can often seem like the impossible task, however, it does not have to be. A few simple tips from our Threadicated styling experts can save you time and oh so much heartache. Jeans are the wardrobe must-have and can take you (almost) anywhere, so we need to get them right.


Style for days:

Understanding your body shape is key to choosing the right style, as different styles are made to flatter different shapes. Probably one of the most popular shapes at the moment are skinny, they look best on an hourglass, rectangle or triangle body shape, they work wonders to accent the hips and elongate the legs. A straight leg looks great on most shapes, especially an hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle, and round body type, as it visually draws the attention away from the belly waist and hips.

Rise to the challenge:

A different rise will highlight and hide different features, so make sure you know what you want to let shine, and what you’d rather stay in the dark. A high rise is a great way to make your legs look like they go for days and show off your waistline. A medium rise is great at hiding any excess belly folds. And a low rise often referred to as hipsters are great to show off those abs if you’ve got them and elongate the top half of your body.

The wash matters:

Darker jeans are often more flattering than other washes and offer a more polished look, which is handy if you are wearing them in a corporate environment, or out at night. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun, lighter denim looks great for day, and in the warmer months.

To distress or not to distress?:

You would have seen that distressed denim is on trend. It is a great way to give you a bit more edge or personality to your denim but be mindful with any sort of bleaching, lines on the hips or faded spots on the thigh, knees, or butt, the distressing draws the eye to that part of the body and emphasizes it, so make sure your distressing is drawing the eye to the parts you wish to highlight.

Mix it up:

Most of all have fun, maybe you’ve always worn a certain style and stuck to it because if it ain’t broke why fix it right? There are new styles, colours, and trends coming out every day in denim so branch out a little and give something new a try, who know you may just find love with your new favourite pair.

Chat with your stylist today so they can help find you your best pair of jeans yet.


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